Rancor Studios
Hosting classes for Long Island’s BDSM Community, Parties and offering Studio Rentals. New comer friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Long Island BDSM 101
A great way to learn the basics, as well as, what to do and not to do when at a party or a munch.

Cum One Cum All
The weekly munch we attend frequently. Extremely welcoming group.

LI.C.K.- Long Island Consensual Kink
A group for parties and educational classes. Monthly meetings that members can help shape the future of the group.

LILNR – Long Island Leather and Roses
Educational classes and social events.

SCK – Suffolk County Kinksters
A group for parties and educational classes.

TNGLI- The Next Generation Long Island
Munches and parties for the 18-35 crowd.

Recovery In The Lifestyle

Recovery in the Lifestyle is a fellowship of BDSM lifestyle people who are in recovery, or would like to be, and their guests. RitL follows the steps of recovery and respects the great importance of anonymity for many of us.

Our fellowship is based on the AAWS-approved 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Anyone who is in the lifestyle and participates in ANY 12 Step Recovery group is eligible for membership in RitL.

Our Website, with resources & news about RitL:

Meeting List:

Long Island and NYC parties, gatherings, events and playspaces:

Suffolk County BDSM:

Suffolk Munch, Long Island, NY:

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