Recommended Reading

The New Topping Book

This second edition of the popular Topping Book offers information and friendly support in “getting good at being bad.” The beginning top will find useful information about safety, techniques, scripting a scene, negotiating consent, and initiating the scenes you have always dreamed of. Dare to live out your fantasies, discover your precious inner villain, and offer safe, sane, consensual and exquisitely nasty hot sex and sensation to your eager and adoring admirers.


The New Bottoming Book

PictureThe second edition of this popular guide to “how to get terrible things done to you by wonderful people” is a must-read for anyone looking to explore BDSM.  You will find tons of useful information about safe, sane and consensual S/M play. We cover myths and realities, how to negotiate a scene and discover your limits, techniques for play, role playing, and spiritual journeys. We explain many strategies for how to feel free to reach out for what you want, and how to make a scheme for safety in an exciting field of risk.


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